When the Milford Booster Club had a successful fundraising season this year, the members had a clear idea of what they wanted to do with the money.

“We felt it was important to bring back the Anton Remy Tournament,” club president Gwen Mertz said.

“We thought of it as a little bit of Milford history. He was so important to Milford and gave so much to Milford athletes. When we raised the money, it was important to us to bring it back,” she said.

The basketball tournament had not been held since 1998 when shrinking school budgets forced many cuts in the athletic program.

The tournament’s namesake is Anton Remy, a 35-year coach at MCS who died at age 78 in 1995. Remy and his wife, Betty, were physical education teachers at Milford, and Remy coached nearly every sport the school offered during his tenure. He retired in 1976.

“He was an absolutely unbelievable, outstanding coach,” Milford soccer and basketball coach Frank Spurchise said. “His wife is now 91 and she was at the tournament, and I tell you what, she is as spry as can be. She has as much energy as she did when she was teaching. It was fun seeing her.

“They were still here when I started, and they were great people to mentor you in the first couple of years of teaching,” he said.

Betty Remy and the couple’s grown daughters, Lee and Priscilla, attended the tournament.

“I can tell you, it meant a lot to the Remy family that we brought it back,” Spurchise said.

According to Mertz, it also meant a lot to the community.

“Since the new board has come on, we have really had a lot of energetic parents who want to do things for the Milford athletes. We were able to get new uniforms and once we did that, the next thing we wanted to do was bring back the tournament,” she said.

Mertz said the three-day tournament was a financial success and that the money from this year’s event will be earmarked for the future. “So next year, we have the money already to do it again,” she said. “It was really exciting for us to put the tournament on again, and it went really well. We’re very happy about it.”

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